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Common Questions

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+ What’s BPO?

+ What’s a "resource"?

+ What’s BPaaS?

+ Why should we use BPO?

+ How long before our resources are assigned?

+ What’s your process?

+ Can we change the structure of agreed upon deliverables?

+ How do you mitigate quality issues?

+ What are the tradeoffs to hiring domestic staff?

+ Are there any activities my resources cannot perform?

+ What’s your pricing?

+ Do you offer discounted pricing?

+ What payment methods are accepted?

+ Do you offer customized SLAs?

+ Can we cancel our services?

2The initial quote you receive through our website does not reflect final pricing. The dynamic Pricing Table above may vary and does not reflect fees you should expect to pay including for but not limited to setup fees, integration fees, overage fees, usage fees, Additional Reviews fees, and other potential fees. The dynamic Pricing Table above shows baseline and speculative figures for our core service fees, excluding setup fees and other potential fees, and are shown in monthly amounts for your convenience but all core service fees and any other applicable fees will be billed solely on an annual basis and again all fees will vary and listed pricing above is not guaranteed. The dynamic Pricing Table shown above does not reflect nor in any way, shape or form guarantee what your final pricing may be for our core service fees or Additional Reviews fees. Additional fees may be applied for any changes requested that deviate from the structure of previously agreed upon deliverables. Final pricing must reflect the underlying particulars and complexities of each client engagement which will likely vary widely on a case-by-case basis. As such, we must undertake careful and customized pricing for each client in order to provide a free and final quote before proceeding. Estimated potential cost optimization, i.e., savings of up to 30%, will also vary on a case-by-case basis due to factors that are likely well beyond our reasonable control. Please see our Terms of Service for more details.